District 117 Schools Support 5th Annual Toy Drive

District 117 Toy Drive Flyer

Jaiden Henry is reaching out to all his resources and gained the backing and support of 5 schools in District 117 and the District Office to provided drop box locations for students and staff to donate toys for 2,000 kids.  All who help, are part of helping 10 year old Jaiden Henry with his 5th Annual Toy Drive to give 2,000 toys to kids in 3 hospitals and to military kids in need this holiday season.  Jaiden is super excited to create an event and connect others in filling a much needed gap this holiday season.  Jaiden said” I know what it is like being in the hospital during a holiday and I want to bring happy surprises and smiles to all the kids with some new toys and my chapter book.  I know I can inspire them that better days are ahead.”  We all thank you for your support in helping us to reach our goal again this year! Congrats Jaiden and thank you School District 117!  If everyone does a little, we can do a lot.

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